Interior, celebration at Zum Stammtisch.


     From their warm family-friendly atmosphere and olde-world charm to their authentic and traditional cuisine, youwill never leave Zum STAMMTISCH unsatisfied. Yes, they are significantly highly Zagat rated, but you are going to get my personal review: Their service, after all these years, remains impeccable and you are always greeted like family when you walk in. The traditional German appetizers, like Egg a la Russian (a hard boiled egg with russian dressing and caviar), Hausgemachter Sulze (homemade headcheese with a vinaigrette dressing), Ochsenmaul Salate (pickled beef topped with onions) and German Herring Salad (herring, beets, potatoes and six other fresh ingredients make up this traditional dish) among others, never fail to impress. But I always go for the escargot served hot, nestled in a baked potato with garlic herb butter, seen below. Where else can you get that. In fact, you could just go and make a meal out of the appetizers!

     Unfortunately if you do, you will miss out on their specialty Sausage Platters, Saurbraten, Wienschnitzel and, of course Ja'gerschnitzel! Try them all. And for you sandwich fans, there is a brat burger, Open-faced Ruben and grilled Camembert. There is also a special for each day of theweek (you knew there would be, right?). I'm going back for this one: Samstag (Saturday)- roast duck, steak with a peppercorn, cognac sauce, prime rib, erbensuppe (split pea soup). Maybe I'll just have one of each. And don't forget their amazing Tuesday night special, for $19.96 you can get Soup (goulash soup was delicious) or salad, your choice of schnitzels made with chicken or veal, and dessert. Now that is a deal. And you will have half of it to bring home for dinner the next day. If you lke German food, this is the best food in the State.

     Zum Stammtisch was founded in November of 1972 by John Lehner and two other partners. Before immigrating to the United States in the 1950’s John Lehner was a coppersmith in Freising, Bavaria Germany. His father had a small bar/restaurant in town and it was always John’s dream to open his own German Bar/Restaurant. Shortly upon arriving in the United States, John was drafted into the U.S. Army. After serving two years, he came back to New York and met his future wife Erna. They were married shortly thereafter and had two children... Werner, born in 1967, and Hans, born in 1973.

     Well, to make a long story (which you can read on their website from which this was taken) short, John Lehner had started training his children very early int he art of running a restaurant.  They both worked their way up from the bottom, learning every job in order to fully understand how a restaurant really works. After falling ill, John Lehner passed away in October of 1993. Hans and Werner took over and have been running the business ever since, maintaining the strict standards set by their father while fusing their own ideas to keep things authentic and true to the original concept John Lehner brought to this country so many years ago.  

     Try this German gem.  At least check them out at www.Zumstammtisch.com.   And if you take a look below, you can find the information on the family pork store they opened right next door!

  • Escargot in butter & garlic, then placed in hollowed out baked potato holes. Those little snails were tender and sweet, but with a little bit of crispy at the top. And how many times have you wished for something to soak up that butter sauce with. A baked potato? Its brilliant!

  • Wienerschinzel a la holstein, tender veal pounded thin and even more tender, then fried with a crispy coating, placed over steaming hot home fries w/ bacon and onion, and topped with a fried egg and anchovy. It was enough for 2, but my husband at it all, proclaiming it was the best he ever had.

  • Jagerschnitzel, the same veal, coated & fried, then topped with a sauce made from veal stock and mushrooms. And it was still crispy under the gravy. It was huge and I had to take most of it home to make room for the authentic Appple Strudel a la mode. It was worth it.

STAMMTISCH PORK STORE: You know I wouldn't normally do this, but in this case, its worth it. After years of success with Zum Stammtisch, Hans and Werner decided to expand the Stammtisch name even more, opening up a German pork store, located right next to the restaurant. Stammtisch Pork Store imports offers authentic German meats and delicacies you wouldn’t find anywhere else! We stopped in last night found a dizzying array of wursts and an extensive selection of German imports: meats, cheeses, salads, breads, chocolates, dairy products and so much more! We left $45.00 poorer. Then, you can walk directly into the restaurant from the store. How convenient is that! Since one picture is just not enough to convey the authenticity of Stammtisch as a whole our dinner photos below: