Long Island Restaurants and Reviews

Dear Friends, It seemed that it was getting very difficult to find the restaurant I wanted just by looking through a long list, and it occurred to me that segregating them by the type of cusine you wanted to eat among all the many wonderful restaurants on Long Island would help. So I have organized them for you in Pages by Types of Cusine and/or Type of Restaurant.
So, if you want something French, look there and you will find a number of choices, but if you want to take the family out for some fun, look at Mid-priced or Burgers & Pubs. If you want to eat Italian, look there; but if you want traditional and elegant, look under Traditional.
If there is something you don't see, something unusual and worth noting, please let us know. We'll be over there in a jiffy to get a review for you. Just ask Deb!

*A Taste of Long Island, Main Street in Farmingdale has been very busy working on a store to provide you with all types of food and equipment supplies. You can link to their website at www.culinarytypes.blogspot.com . Check it out, its like a fleamarket for food!