GENTING PALACE at Resorts World Casino, Queens NY

Singapore Rice Noodles with Pork and Shrimp (more photos below)

     Have you been to the races at Aqueduct lately? The casino?  Honestly, I am not a fan, but I can give you a reason to go, or tag along with your friends who gamble and, no, its not a buffet!!
     I was only going to please my mom and I certainly was not expecting much since I don't gamble, but mom really wanted to check it out.  Thankfully, we had good friends to show us around.  Surprisingly, It was clean, smoke free, easy to navigate, (and mom really believes she won!)   However, the highlight of the day for me was an incredible dinner at what my friends casually called a Chinese restaurant. (Thanks guys!!)  Ha - This was no ordinary Chinese restaurant. Of course, there were your staples like Chow fun, Singapore Noodles and General Tso's, but you will see them along side specialties like: "Braised Abalone with Goose Web and Seasonal Greens, Crystal Walnut, Fried Prawn with Cream Sauce, Braised Scallop with Mushroom and Vegetables, Hunan Style Crispy Fish with Pepper, Red Onion, Pine Nut in Scallion Sauce. I knew we were in for a treat when we ordered the appetizer platter to share and I tasted possibly the best spring roll I've ever had, along side the perfect dumpling fried crispy on one side, tender on the other, and a rib with a delicate honey glaze. Every bite was perfect.

     Our Entreés were even more spectacular.    I chose one of my favorites from my usual take-out place - Singapore Rice Noodles, but I received a plate of steaming, perfectly prepared lightly curried mei fun noodles, tossed with Barbecue Pork, Shrimp, Onion, Bell Pepper, Bean Sprouts, Yellow Chive, Egg and Sesame Seeds.  The flavors were layered, lightly spiced (at my request) and melded together perfectly.  For mom, Grilled Beef Short Ribs with Garlic Sauce - sounds simple, I know.  But as you can see in the photo, this was special.  The short rib was slice cross-wise (like Korean Beef) - I don't know how the did it, melt in your mouth tender, and topped with a Garlic Sauce that was rich and full of flavor, but did not leave you reeking of garlic for the rest of the evening. Perfect.  When my girlfriend ordered the Beef Chow Fun, I thought "oh, how very uninteresting."  She proves me wrong again!  What a beautiful presentation of what would otherwise have been a simple dish.  Everyone at the table who tasted it raved about it.  Finally, a Chef's Masterpiece, Orange Beef with Crystal Walnuts,  the beef was lightly stir-fried and tossed with a Mild Chili and Sweet Sauce, Served with Fresh Broccoli surrounded by Candied Walnuts.  Oh, my goodness, I could not resist swiping a walnut (even though I don't generally like them) and I am so glad I did because it might have been the best thing on the table.  They should just sell these to go.  They were somehow fried (I think) or sauteéd first because there was a savory undertone that went with the beef, but also a light sweet outside (not sugary or sticky, just delicately sweet).  Not a task easily accomplished.  Crispy outside, tender and soft inside - was it really a walnut?  If you go for nothing else, go for this?

     Ok, the service:  Think casual elegance.  Beautifully appointed with luxurious seating and vaulted ceilings, a beautiful view through floor to ceiling windows, hot towels before, during and after your meal, along with authentic Asian cuisine by veteran Hong Kong chefs to discerning gourmands.  For the true, gritty 100 year egg and pig knuckle experience you have to look at the separate Chef's Specialties Menu!

     Do not miss the built in fish tanks which house the live lobsters, king crabs and other assorted seafood you will find in your dinner.  You can't get fresher than that.  The NY Daily News calls Genting "one of the best dim sum restaurants in New York. The spacious Genting Palace, which comfortably seats 355 and overlooks the racetrack, serves an incredible array of small dishes for $3.50-4.50, including tender shrimp dumplings, traditional shumai and savory spareribs in a black bean paste. Chef Yiu Chuen Pang’s beef tripe with ginger and scallion is particularly delicate and flavorful, while the Shanghai bun with both pork and crab meat is the most popular."   We here at DebsFood agree.  Take a trip for the day and play, or just go for dinner.  They will validate your parking in the garage!!

  • 1 Portion of Appetizer Sampler Platter for 4.

  • Beef Chow Fun, & Orange Beef w/ Crystal Walnuts

  • Assorted Dim Sum, photo credit Jacob Osterhout, The NY Daily News.

Pinang Malaysian Restaurant, Queen Blvd., Forest Hills NY

Indian Mee Goreng, Photo by Jason P.

     Pinang serves an Asian Fusion cuisine that stands on its own, but with unmistakeable elements of Malaysian, Thai, and Indian cooking as well.  The staff is kind and welcoming, although they do not all speak English very well, and the decor is innovative and unique.  They have been in this location for over ten years now and it is obvious when you go even now that they operate a clean restaurant and their service and food have stood the test of time. 

     They have an excellent selection of appetizers, with one being better than another.  I loved the spring roll, and the curry potatoes  The roti telur pancakes and curry sauce was similarly and unusually full of flavor and texture, and don't forget the mixed satay, Yum!  I am a big fan of Pad Thai and they do have it on the menu. It comes to you hot and steamy, seasoned with just the right amount of spice - but they do not automatically give you chopsticks.  The Malaysian Ribs are very good, but the coconut rice is better. 

     I've yet to try the seafood scramble w/ eggs, but it sure looks good, as does the crispy duck salad, ginger beef and, of course, the fried ice-cream, which I never had.  One day....**

**One quick warning.  I have heard and read that there have been some issues with diners this past Spring/Summer who had coupons and believe they did not receive the same level of quality and service as they would otherwise have had.  I did not have a coupon so I cannot speak to this, but you should be aware.