Most of the best, and of few of the worst.

   In these pages we will try to give you a sampling of a variety of restaurants, where to go and what to eat.  Of course, everyone has a different taste, so I will always indicate the type of food, nationality, whether or not it is common, spicy, exotic or classic, fit for family or too upscale for children.  You will find not only the great restaurants here, but the little hole in the wall wonders that are hard to find.  
   I will not review chain restaurants, because most people have their own knowledge about that.  I need not review the top 5 restaurants in NY because the reviews are obvious, as is the expense.  However, if you ask, I will get the review for you.
   Please browse and enjoy, and do let me know your feedback after you go!! To see more, you can also find our reviews at UrbanSpoon, Yelp! and OpenTable.  
Happy eating!

Restaurant Montage