Welcome to Deb's Table!

     Yes, it's true, I'm usually in the kitchen or near a dining room table somewhere, surrounded by food of some sort or other.  I thought you might like to know a little something about how Deb's Table got started.
     I began as a successful lawyer, working at that for over 20 years, until I couldn't take one more second of it.  Really, could you blame me?  I lost all the time I had to enjoy my one true love - food, food prep and entertaining.  Here I was, married, taking care of 3 special needs children who needed more and more care, working as a full-time attorney, and I just didn't like it.  In fact, I hated it, and that was the end of that. 
    Then, something clicked.  It was finally time to work with the the one thing I enjoyed.  Food.  I could work from home, care for my kids, and the best part, eat out for business purposes. (Note here that neither I nor DebsFood get paid for providing restaurant reviews).  As for experience? No problem there.  I have the legal background to help you with publicity and consulting, business planning and contracts or leases.  When it comes to food, no problem there either.  For years I have been talking food, begging to do the holiday dinners, tasting, reviewing & recommending restaurants. I go to every charitable event I can find to sample the foods from a variety of restaurants - serving two purposes: contributing to the cause of feeding the hungry, and finding new ideas to help me in creating new recipes & writing about it.  By the time I started Deb's Table, I was either inventing my own recipes or making other's recipes, and improving on them!  I was even making changes to the recipes I discovered when I ate out. (Sorry Bobby, Emeril, Guy, Julia and Jaques)  When someone suggested I take a cooking class I responded that I could teach the cooking class!!
     I also knew Restaurants, and I thought you should know them too.  Everything from what's new to where to go & what to eat, here on the Island, or in Queens, Kings or Manhattan. Ok, I know it was a little presumptious, but that's when I knew I could do it. I knew I could put together a website that would bring all of these talents and ideas together.
     So I started here, with this website, a treat for all of you.  A coming together all of my favorite recipes, and a collection of others, with those few changes to help you out, make them quickly, or to improve them just a bit.
     Here at Deb's Table you will find the traditional, the not-so-traditional & the exotic.  You will get whatever help you need to make your very own dinner party, themed or not, or I can cook a meal for you.  If you need instructions on how to use your grill, what to do with a chicken, or how to stock your kitchen, we do that too. We provide you with information on the basics, and we will delve deeply into some of our favorite ingredients and explore where they came from and what to do with them.
     Keep in mind, the point here is to enjoy yourself.  If you're not a cook or don't want to cook, skip right to the restaurant reviews or prepared meals section.  If you are a cook, browse the Recipes section, from Traditional all the way to Desserts & Drinks, find your favorites and try them.  Of course, if you can improve them, do tell.  We are not proud here!
    But we do want your comments and feedback.  So let us know what you think, good or bad. You can find our page on Facebook by searching "Debsfood."  If you do like us, (or even if you don't) share our page or our link on your facebook or twitter page.  Get the word out and we'll work together to find as many delicious and delectible treats as we can!  You will find us on the web at www.debsfood.com.
Thanks, Deb

Recipes and Recipe Help

     If you are looking for a recipe for two, or a meal for 25, we can help.  Whether you want to cook something small like a Quail or a Chicken, or you want to roast a Whole Pig or put your Turkey on the grill, we can help.  If you want a particular dish that you don't see here, simply send and email and we will find and post that recipe for you.  If you need help with how to accomplish a specific cooking technique, we can help.  We have devoted a number of sections to Informational and Instructional ideas, from Kitchen Essentials and Grilling Techniques, to Specialty Ingredients and Basic Sauces.   If that is still too overwhelming and you just want to relax, contact us and we'll make it for you.  Just ask Deb!!

Restaurant Reviews

     We have the info on the best restaurants.  If you are looking for someplace to eat our, a new restaurant to try, a new adventure in dining, this is the site for you!!
     Browse our restaurant reviews, feel free to make suggestions or share your ideas, and if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask Deb.
     Of course there are hundreds of restaurants on This Island, and we have not been to everyone, yet.  But here you will find our favorites, the ones that may be different, out of the way, or that offer something special.  Essentially, the ones we like, and a few of the ones we don't.   As always, if you don't see you're fav, or if you would like a particular recommendation, Just Ask Deb.    
     Likewise, if you don't like a particular restaurant, please do let us know so we can note that in our comments section.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and helping you find what you need.  
** And Please, if you are a restaurant owner, especially if you are new on the scene, please do give us a call and I'll come right over!  DebsFood does not get paid to dine at any restaurant or give reviews, favorable or not.  

Maybe you like a drink to go with that wonderful food, or you want to throw a cocktail party:

     In these sections you will find all sorts of party drinks and punches for any celebration, in addition to your favorite old-fashioned cocktails, and some new ones to add to your repertiore!  Are you having a party and need some good ideas?  We also include a section on how to maintain a well-stocked Bar, and what you will need to throw a successful cocktail party, dinner party or buffet.
     You will find non-alcoholic drinks to please every palate from 2 to 92, and you will find our alcoholic drinks and party punches to please any palate over 21!
     Please rememeber, as good as our drink recipes are, they may pack a punch!  So if you are drinking alcohol, please do so responsibly.  If you are serving alcohol, please see to your guests safety. We'd like to keep you coming back!!

Food Help All In One Place!

     NOTE:   Our recipes are designed to be simple and fast, all made with preparation time in mind, so that any home cook can create a flavorful dinner in a short period of time, even after a long day at work.  We do this because we enjoy it, and because it will save you time.  You will find many recipes are made with packaged pre-cut ingredients, allowing you to haet a homemade meal on the table each night, or an elegant holiday dinner ready in one day.  Thus, I often will alter a recipe to use frozen in pre-chopped ingredients to save you the precious time you need to spend with your family.  BUT, if you prefer to use, cut and chop fresh ingredients, Please feel free to do so with any recipe on this site (unless otherwise indicated).   With each recipe you can rest assured that it has been tried and tested, and we endeavor to be as reliable and accurate as we can.  If you have any questions, we will answer them quickly and honestly.  

       So, as always, Just Ask Deb!

We Are Here To Help

     Finally, whether you are brand new to cooking or a cook who needs some fresh ideas, we can help.  We have the information you need to gather the utensils, pots & pans, and necessary skills so you can make any recipe, from the simplest to the most complicated.  All of our recipes are designed to be adaptable to your schedule, and in no time you will be inventing your own.  So don't forget to check out our Kitchen and Techniques Sections and you will be on your way to Happy Cooking.   

     For your entertaining convenience, we are now able to recommend Li'l Blanca Floral Specialists, for that finishing touch.  Check out that page for a special touch when you are ready to entertain!!

So, now you have had a brief overview of our website and what we do. We will continue to add new ideas and recipes, such as Rubs & Spices For Grilling, Broiling or Roasting. We are happy to have gotten a wonderful response from many of you, but we want to hear from all of you! We will post all new ideas throughout the year so you have lots to choose from. AND REMEMBER, Happy Cooking!!

Kind regards
Debra GenetinTate
**9/20/12: Hi Friends! Its been only a few months now that I've been here on-line designing this site for you, and I am so excited to say that as of today we have received over 10,ooo hits on our pages.  My thanks go out to all of you who are reading, commenting, sharing, re-posting and, of course, cooking and eating along with me!!  I will continue to review new restaurants & build and add new pages for as long as you keep coming back.  Happy Cooking & Bon Appetite!

***7/4/14:  Thank You Friends and Followers! This is an exciting time at DebsFood, and It's me here, Deb. I wanted to take a minute to personally thank all of you for your time and attention. I have news to share: we have officially reached over 25,000 hits at debsfood.com!!!  Now that's a significant milestone and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your "likes" and "shares" and your patience. Without you, I couldn't do what I do. So, here's to the next 25,000, and to you!  Deb.
**** Dear Friends and Followers, 
I owe you a debt of gratitude and thanks.  We have reached over 50,000 hits at DebsFood.com. When I started this website, what seems like such a short time ago, I never imagined such a loyal and attentive audience.  As you know, I do this only because of my love for good food, and my belief that everyone has the capability to find it or to create it in their own home, without all the fuss and fanfare you were taught to believe.  I hope you have discovered in these pages the same excitement I have for trying new things and experimenting with new flavors.  Every time I post a new recipe, or even a new restaurant review, I hope that if even one person sees it, I have accomplished something valuable.  If that one person had a bit of fun, or gained a bit of knowledge, I did my job.  I am grateful, and as long as you keep reading, I will keep posting!!
Thank You Once Again,